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China's experience in agricultural mechanization provides a model for Africa

China's experience in agricultural mechanization provides a model for Africa

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The 39th international rural women's Day commemoration conference of the African Union was held at the teachers' Training Institute in the city of ulaso, bobodi, Burkina Faso. At the invitation of the African Union Committee on agriculture and rural affairs, experts from China's agricultural technology group of Burkina Faso aid participated in the conference, which not only delivered China's agricultural development experience to more African countries, but also effectively publicized China's implementation of the spirit of the Beijing Conference of the Forum on China Africa cooperation and the fruitful results of strengthening aid to Africa, and achieved good results.
At the meeting, Xu Jinze, an expert of the agricultural technology group, made a special report on the successful experience of China's agricultural mechanization. Taking the mechanical transplanting project carried out in bubo city as an example, he introduced to the participants the various aid achievements of China's Agricultural Technology Group for bubo, and put forward relevant suggestions for the development of African agricultural mechanization. Participants were deeply impressed by the great achievements of China's agricultural mechanization. The participants said that the development experience of China's agricultural mechanization has provided a model for African agricultural development and strengthened their confidence and determination in pursuing agricultural mechanization.
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