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Agricultural Arrangement of Rain Term

Agricultural Arrangement of Rain Term

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"Good rain knows the season, when spring is happening", and the rain term coincides with the key period of spring ploughing, spring planting and spring management. In order to realize the wish of "planting a millet in spring and collecting ten thousand seeds in autumn", among all kinds of agricultural management, farmers' friends should strengthen management and implement comprehensive production. So how to arrange the rain term for farming? Let's get to know.

The rain term means the beginning of rainfall. At this time, the average temperature in most areas of southern China is more than 10 ℃ during this period. Except for some years, the frost period has also ended. Grafting fruit trees, afforestation, at that time. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to the prevention of forest fire in the northwest plateau mountain area which is still in the dry season.

In agriculture, we should pay attention to water conservation and timely irrigation to meet the water supply of wheat jointing and booting, rape bolting and flowering. During the rainy season, wheat and barley gradually enter the jointing and booting period, which is the period that most needs fertilizer and is most afraid of water. We should pay attention to the field management of "ensuring the area, watching the seedlings and fertilizing, clearing the ditches and draining the water". In addition, the rain term is in the transitional season of late winter and early spring, and the temperature is changeable. Rape and wheat are easy to suffer from low temperature and freeze damage. Therefore, measures such as soil cultivation and fertilization should be taken.

Do a good job in freezing and heat preservation of vegetables and fruits in the shed, and do a good job in ventilation. In the rainy season, for the land without autumn turning, especially those stubble land, we should take advantage of the opportunity of freezing and thawing, and quickly drag the stubble land with a puller, or press it with a roller, which can not only ensure the sowing quality, but also protect the moisture and drought.

It is necessary to prune and apply heavy fertilizer to citrus, spray insecticides to eliminate overwintering pests, and continue to repair and comb ditches. The pre sprout fertilizer should be applied to the bayberry in time. It is mainly composed of plant ash (potassium fertilizer), and is combined with phosphorus fertilizer and nitrogen fertilizer.

Do a good job in keeping warm and strengthen disinfection to prevent epidemic. The majority of animal husbandry households should sum up the production and operation of the previous year, and then make a good development plan for the whole year. After the Qingming Dynasty, when the land returns to spring, the temperature rises again, and start to develop animal and poultry production in an all-round way.

With the coming of the rain solar term, it can be said that the days are not far away from the spring breeze and the earth's warming up. In the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic, we must not neglect the importance of spring farming production, and do a good job in arranging all kinds of agricultural work of the rain solar term, so as to lay a solid foundation for the one-year agricultural production.