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How to Maintain Agricultural Machinery When Spring Ploughing Comes

How to Maintain Agricultural Machinery When Spring Ploughing Comes

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During the spring ploughing production period, the company of agricultural machinery is indispensable, so how to do simple maintenance and repair for agricultural machinery? What should be paid attent

Agricultural production is coming in spring. Agricultural machinery users engaged in agricultural machinery operation shall timely repair and maintain agricultural machinery according to the service items, operation quantity and operation capacity of agricultural machinery.
The maintenance of agricultural machinery in spring should be carried out from the following five aspects.
 Correctly use and operate agricultural machinery. Before starting the tractor, make preparations to add enough fuel, lubricating oil and cooling water; put the gear lever in the neutral position; the tire pressure or track tension is normal; all connections are tight; rotate the crankshaft for several turns. When starting the tractor, operate in accordance with the operating procedures to prevent open fire starting, refueling starting, slope sliding starting, flameout starting and vehicle pulling starting. When the tractor drives, turns, reverses and hooks up the farm tools, it is necessary to correctly use the clutch, gear lever, steering lever, steering wheel, brake and hand accelerator, and put an end to all bad operating habits.
Do well in the technical maintenance of agricultural machinery. Regularly clean, check, adjust, fasten and lubricate the components of agricultural machinery and tools, and regularly replace some vulnerable parts, which can prolong the service life of machinery and tools, ensure the good technical status of machinery and tools, reduce the occurrence of machinery failures and accidents, and reduce the cost of agricultural production.
 The connecting fasteners of agricultural machinery shall be tight and free of rust. If loose or rusted, they shall be fastened and oiled in time. For power machinery, it is necessary to ensure that there is no oil leakage, water leakage or air leakage, and that the oil, water, air and machine are clean. For the supporting operation machinery, it is necessary to achieve flexible operation, sensitive rotation, free lifting and lowering; it is not allowed to frame, blunt, rusty, deformed or missing parts.
Remove the machine failure in time. The operating system of agricultural machinery should rotate sensitively and rise and fall freely. It is found that the machine has abnormal functions, abnormal sound, abnormal temperature, abnormal appearance and abnormal smell, etc. the users of agricultural machinery should remove the faults in time.
Carry out the trial operation of agricultural machinery. The newly purchased or long-term unused agricultural machinery must be put into trial operation before use, which is also called running in. Through listening, seeing and touching, judge abnormal action, abnormal sound, abnormal temperature, abnormal appearance, abnormal smell and other phenomena, and eliminate the faults in time.