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Qingdao Hongzhu Co., Ltd. Meet You At The Potato Conference In Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, In 2019

Qingdao Hongzhu Co., Ltd. Meet You At The Potato Conference In Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, In 2019

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Qingdao Hongzhu Co., Ltd. Meet You At The Potato Conference In Enshi Prefecture, Hubei Province, In 2019

Chinese potato congress is held at enshi cultural center in enshi prefecture, hubei province, May 26, 2019. With the theme of "potato industry and healthy consumption", this conference aims to build a national platform for potato academic exchange and discussion, enhance communication and cooperation in the potato industry, and improve the overall influence and competitiveness of the potato industry.

This conference was highly valued by local government leaders, relevant leaders of the ministry of agriculture, rural areas and villages of China, experts, scholars and professors of the national potato research system, and planting, processing, agricultural materials and machinery enterprises involved in the potato industry participated in this conference.

It is understood that the conference by the Chinese society of crop potato professional committee, the people's government of agriculture and rural areas in hubei province, enshi, hubei province people's government support, enshi bureau of agriculture and rural areas, academy, selenium resource protection and development center in enshi, enshi ", lichuan city people's government, of the people's government of hubei province agricultural technology extension station to undertake, Qingdao sponsored HongZhu agricultural machinery co., LTD., etc.

At this meeting, Qingdao hongzhu agricultural machinery took part in the whole process of potato machinery with various modes, which was suitable for different regions, different planting modes and different land requirements.At the beginning of the exhibition, the hongzhu exhibition area in Qingdao welcomed many new and old customers, who came to visit, consult and negotiate in an endless stream.

China potato conference is initiated by potato committee of China crop association, aiming to promote the sustainable and healthy development of potato industry in China through international academic exchange and discussion of potato, in-depth exchange of leading technologies and experience at home and abroad.The holding of this Chinese potato conference will certainly promote the development of potato industry and the healthy consumption of potato industry.

Over the past 20 years since its establishment, Qingdao hongzhu agricultural machinery factory has always maintained the customer-centered service concept and insisted on the production principle of manufacturing and success. No matter from raw materials control, production and processing to after-sales service, Qingdao hongzhu has never forgotten its original intention and forged ahead.